Confronting a Cheating Spouse

Confronting a Cheating Spouse

What to do when you have positive probes of a Cheating Spouse?

Options that you have when you discover
your spouse is cheating on you.

There are three main options to solve this problem and you should think carefully about each one of them, which is the best and more suitable for you, your life and your family.

Do not take decisions with anger, stress or revenge feelings. Whatever you choose think clearly, your choice it is not about your partner, it is about you!

1. Confront your Cheating Spouse.

You will need probes for confronting your cheating spouse or he/she will deny such allegations, leading the relation to continuous fighting and usually to an uncontrolled situation with random outcome, which is something you should avoid.

By confronting, I mean talking to your partner about “what you already know” and to find the best solution for this problem.

Confront by talking not fighting. Fighting only will make things easier for your Cheating Spouse.

2. Forgive your Cheating Spouse
I know, you will say that you will never forgive him/her, but there is nothing wrong with forgiving as long as it is the best for you.

When I say forgiving, I don’t mean “forgetting”. I don’t mean to let him/her continue cheating on you and simulate that nothing is going wrong.

This would be the next step of confronting him/her and if you think that you can continue living and sharing with this person and if you trust that he/she will quit cheating on you and if it is the best for you and if he/she asks for a second chance, then you can decide if he/she deserves your forgiveness.

There is nothing wrong with forgiveness but as long as it is good for you. Don’t forget this.

3. Separation or Divorce.

If you think and feel that cheating on you is something that worth ending your relationship, then this is the way to go.

Before taking this last resource alternative, please take your time to think carefully about it and do not do it as result of anger.

Anger will not let you think clearly and sometimes that will lead you to decisions which are not the best for you.

If with clear mind and weighing pros and cons of divorce you decide that is the best for you, then take your time to prepare yourself for this step.

Start with legal advice and prepare everything to end your marriage as fine as possible to both parties. You won’t gain everything to make miserable his/her life as long as you get what you want.

Here again, probes are the best way to have negotiation advantage.

Read about lawyers and divorce from a customer perspective (not legal).