Protecting your Kids from a Cheating Spouse

Protect your Kids from a Cheating Spouse

If an infidelity occurs in your marriage, there is a big chance that the relationship will end in divorce or at least nasty moments of sentimental disruption will happen in the family.

The main issue when having such problems in your relationship is never underestimating your children. Don’t think that they won’t be aware, even more, most of the time, they will tend to think that the problem is related to them if things are not clear for them.

While some people recommend being honest with your children and telling them about their parent infidelity, I oppose to such recommendation, especially because you still don’t know what will happen with your marriage.

However, children are part of the family and trying to hide evident problems from them will only make them learn to hide things from you later.

Therefore, I usually recommend telling the children that you both parents are experiencing some problems, but that you both are working to solve them. When talking to them, both parents should be present, so they can understand that even on difficult times, the family work together.

This way, they won’t be denied the problem that actually is happening at home, but the details of your relationship should be kept to the couple.

If you was cheated, you will have the intention to tell your children that your wife or husband are a “cheating scum”, so they are on your side, but believe me, you won’t hurt your partner with this, but you will hurt a lot your children telling them about their nasty father or mother.

Therefore, regardless your intention to tell your children to punish your spouse, have in mind that taking your kids as hostages will only hurt them.

If you have a reasonable spouse which cares about the children, then this should be talked between you both, as the protection of your kids should be above of the problems of you as couple.

Remember always that you will have other ways to get even with your cheating spouse, so avoid using your kids for that.

This is very difficult to achieve and even couples which seem to understand the importance of protecting their children, any of them, sooner or later will say nasty things about the other spouse, but if you really love your children, you should try it.