Readers Comments about Cheating

What our readers say about Cheating

“Whether real or suspected” cheating is reported as the most common trigger for violence in relationships of any kind.
Nan Oneill
Hampton, Virginia

During my practice they have consistently reported to me that their spouse’s unfaithfulness was their very worst experience
Emmy Schmidt
Knoxville, Tennessee

Many couples are internally asking the question of how they would cope with such a situation. Can Marriage survive infidelity?
Kent Harvey
Abilene, Texas

Sometimes, a marriage can not only survive but be stronger after couples confront the reasons behind infidelity.
Palmer Schwartz
Lincoln, Nebraska

Infidelity means that one spouse in most marriages will suffer the greatest marital pain possible at some time during their lifetimes.
Liza Navarro
Montgomery, Alabama

Making decisions and moving beyond the pain of infidelity are the main challenge. If you are looking for an understanding of why your spouse was unfaithful and how to recover from the affair you should get professional help.
Eugene Branch
Tacoma, Washington

Living an unfaithful experience from your partner…It’s not easy anyway!
Sebastian Chapman
Richmond, Virginia

This kind of situations may even motivate you (if you are entangled with a parent or past-partner) to reduce the emotional intensity of your partnership.
Marty Brennan
Milwaukee, Washington

While several people reported being committed to faithfulness in their relationships, statistics speak for themselves.
Alf Brooks
Evansville, Indiana

Cheating is also an important risk factor for HIV infection among youth couples
Nico Talley
North Las Vegas, Nevada

Infidelity is so common, that some men and women described deep mistrust of partners: “I don’t trust my fellow and he doesn’t trust me!
Brooke Hahn
Savannah, Georgia