Signs of a Cheating Wife

Signs of a Cheating Wife

The signs of a cheating wife, are very different than the signs of a husband and very specific actions are performed by a cheating wife that will let you know if she is cheating.

A cheating wife starts spending more money or time than usual on clothes and on her appearance in general.

A cheating wife does not answer her cell phone often and she tells you that it was turned on all the time. She doesn’t know what happened.

A cheating wife erases all her text messages from her cell phone on a regular basis.

A cheating wife sometimes has a cell phone you don’t know and especially if the bill arrives any other place but your house.

A cheating wife disappears for hours and says that she was shopping or she went to pick up some groceries.

A cheating wife might have a method of birth control that you haven’t discussed together about using it.

A cheating wife spends more hours than usual on the computer, especially when you are not home or late at night.

A cheating wife has an email account and she doesn’t tell you about it.

A cheating wife buys herself new lingerie, especially if it is sexier than the one she has always used.

A cheating wife stops trusting you her worries and problems.

A cheating wife gets nervous when you step into the room where she is using the computer. Changes windows, closes programs or shut down the computer among other actions.

A cheating wife invents an excuse to stop wearing her wedding ring or she starts to forget often her wedding ring after showering or sleeping.

A cheating wife starts spoiling you (Yes, this is good! Odd, but is always true) with things, actions, etc. she usually did not agree to do it before. Why is this? Well, this is the most common way to ease the guilt for a cheating wife .

A cheating wife stops complaining about things you don’t do that you know she always have complained about. It is related with the one above.

You feel a cheating wife more distant and cold every day.


How to Catch a Cheating Wife?

Catching a Cheating Wife is easier than you think.

With the technology and resources available today, the truth can be found within days.

At the end, what can be more valuable than your peace of mind?

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I have to tell you that catching a cheating wife is much harder than catching a husband. Wives lie better and if you catch them with inconclusive proofs (or even sometimes very conclusive ones), the cheating wife will tell you that he is only a good friend. Additionally, she will do her best to make you feel bad telling you that “how you dare to think” that she is cheating on you, even is she is doing it. This is the first line of defense for a cheating wife.

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