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How to make traditional phone recording

Image of a typical phone recorder, which can be found in your favorite store

When having an affair, a cheating wife usually take extreme precautions at the beginning but after a few time, she gets relaxed and careless leaving evident clues and making easier to catch her. Always remember this:

“The best way to Catch a Cheater is by tapping his communications.”

While Cell Phones are the prefered way to communicate for a cheating wife, regular phones could provide you with some great information.

Phone communication

Even at radio Shack you can find devices to tap or record phone conversations, which is and old resource for spying.

Follow the simple instructions included with the device to connect it to the phone wires for direct listening or to a tape recorder to record conversations automatically.

Don’t ever try to tap phone lines directly without these devices, because connecting a tape recorder or a hearing device directly to the phone wires without these middleware devices, will drop the phone line voltage heavily, making noise or reducing the voice volume in the call, making easier to suspect that someone is listening and making her aware that the phone is being tapped.

With cell phones, phone communication from your own house is unlikely, however if you think it is being performed, just visit your closest Radio Shack store and get one of these devices.

For more professional recording devices, you can go to SpyGear4You and get any of the recording devices.


If there is a studio, basement or any other place where you think calls are done through a cell phone or even a regular telephone which you are not able to tap, you can install microphones to listen everything said in such place.

Usually spy microphones are expensive, however I have used very successfully wireless video camera microphones which are pretty cheap compared with spy microphones and they can be found in any store selling cameras like Amazon.

There are also wireless phone spy devices which can be attached stealthy to the phone and you can hear any conversation performed on such phone line. Although this is a more expensive, the possibilities are endless.

I have also used devices which can be installed in the phone microphone and the conversation is transmitted through radio waves which can be heard with a regular FM radio.